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Ticketing for the 2015 St. Olaf Christmas Festival

General Public:
The general public is welcome to purchase tickets. An assigned login is not required. You will sign up as a new customer.
Refunds and/or exchanges are not possible through the Christmas Festival ticket office.

St. Olaf Employees and Students:
In order to claim your complimentary ticket(s), you must use the provided login information. If you have lost this information, please call 507-786-3811.
Important information:

  • If you are a student participant in the Christmas Festival you do not have access to a complimentary ticket.
  • If your parents ordered your complimentary ticket so you could sit with them, you no longer have access to that ticket.
  • You will not pay the $7 transaction fee to redeem your one complimentary ticket.
  • You cannot combine logins; only one complimentary ticket is possible per transaction.
  • You may NOT exchange your ticket through the Christmas Festival ticket office.

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